We’re looking at the Storm’s Fury event coming in Patch 10.0.5 and the rewards you can get!

Storm’s Fury Location

Storm’s Fury takes place in Primalist Tomorrow. The event is a more powerful version of Primal Storms.

Storm’s Fury Freezing Mechanic

The event revolves around mitigating a powerful Freezing debuff that deals damage and stacks up to 20 times, with Warmth.

Freezing – The coldness of the Primalist’s future causes 1 damage every 5 sec. This effect stacks. Seek out places that provide Warmth!

Warmth – Warmed, removing the effects of Freezing
Any attempt to apply Freezing will instead remove one stack of Warmth.

The effects of gear sold by Brendormi will mitigate Freezing. Addditionally, Tarnormu offers Armaments of the Scale and Field Deployable Heat Source, which help with the debuff.

Storm’s Fury Currency & Rewards

Enemies will drop Essence of the Storm, which can be turned in for Item Level 385 rings, an amulet, a trinket, a toy, mount, battle pet, and a cache containing a Storm Sigil, Dragon Isles Supplies, Primalist treasures, and cosmetic Primalist weapons and armor.

The items offered by Brendormi cost Elemental Overflow and Essence of the Storm.

They include gear with effects that help mitigate Freezing and various collectibles:

Chronologically Unstable Loop (Trinket) – The trinket comes with an interesting effect (Time Friction) that removes a stack of Freezing.

Bronze Band of Destinies (Ring)

Heat of Primal Winter (Neck)

Sands of Temporal Perfection (Trinket)

Stormed Primalist Cache (bag) containing 1 Storm Sigil, Dragon Isles Supplies, Primalist Treasures, a chance for cosmetic Primalist weapons and armor.

Chasing Storm (Toy)

Time-Lost Vorquin Foal (battle pet)

Skyskin Hornstrider (mount)

Time-Lost Vorquin Foal (Battle Pet)

Skyskin Hornstrider Mount