If you have many Level 70 characters, here’s how you can reach Renown 20 with the Loamm Niffen faster on your main.

The answer is simple; Sniffenseeking with Myrrit! The event bags have a chance to contain gear, BoA reputation tokens (Loamm Niffen Insignia), or Barter Bricks/Barter Boulders.

Every week, you can go on a free dig with any Level 70 character on your account.

You have a 33% chance to receive Loamm Niffen Insignia that you can send over to your main for 250 reputation, a 33% chance to receive Barter Bricks/Barter Boulders that you can use to buy a second map (Bartered Dig Map) from Ponzo and go on another dig, and a 33% chance to receive gear.

If you happen to have multiple Level 70 alts parked in Valdrakken, you may find this useful.

Kudos to Syko8640 for the method! Loamm Niffen isn’t included in the “Aiding the Accord” weekly, so every bit helps.

Source: Reddit