Blizzard outlined this week’s changes to Mythic Keystone Affixes on the 10.1 PTR. Check them out!

This week’s Patch 10.1 update brings various adjustments to Keystone Affixes.

Periodic affixes will be added to +7 runs (was 14).

Affixes that trigger on death and health ranges moved to +14 runs (up from 7).

Explosive will be replaced by Volcanic in Dragonflight Season 2.

Many affixes have been adjusted. See below for more details.



As we continue to watch everyone play Mythic+ on the PTR and take in your feedback, we wanted to share additional changes to this week’s PTR. Our changes this week aim to further lessen the impact of affixes on Mythic+ dungeon gameplay and to match our more challenging affixes to later keystone levels as players progress through the system.

Keystone Affixes

We have been evaluating our affix tiers and their impact on keystones. While we feel the change to bring affixes online at 7 and 14 is healthy, we wanted to also ensure that the right level of challenge is coming online at keystone levels 7 and 14. With that said, we feel our current level 7 affixes have a larger impact on the moment to moment gameplay for groups and have decided to switch the levels that our keystone affixes come online.

Periodic affixes are now added to keystones at level 7 (was 14).






Affixes that trigger on death or health ranges have been moved to level 14 (was 7).






Affixes Updates

In addition to the change above, we’ve also reviewed the impact of our affixes and made tuning adjustments with the goal of lessening their overall impact on dungeon gameplay.

Level 7


Explosive will be retired for Dragonflight Season 2 and replaced by Volcanic.


Incorporeal Beings now fade away when combat with non-Incorporeal Beings has ended.


Entangling’s snare effect has been reduced to 30% (was 50%).

Entangling now has a visual indicating the maximum range of the vine.

Entangling now has a distinct sound cue when applied to players.


Afflicted Souls health no longer scales after keystone level 20.

Level 14


Spiteful Shades melee damage reduced by 10%.

Spiteful Shades health and damage no longer scale after keystone level 20.


Raging now grants enemies immunity to crowd control effects for 20 seconds upon reaching 30% health remaining (was 50% increased damage done until defeated).


Bolster no longer increases the health of affected enemies (was health and damage).


Sanguine Ichor puddles now last for 12 seconds (was 20 seconds).

Thank you again for taking the time to play Mythic+ on the PTR! We appreciate your feedback and will continue to read, watch, play, and let you know as we make additional changes.