Patch 6.2 has been announced! The special site is updated to include upcoming content scheduled for late August.

The next patch is like a breath of fresh air for players who’ve been waiting patiently in between the lulls of each Patch since 6.1. Plenty of new content has been teased for the next major Patch, with chief among them being the Criterion and Variant dungeons. While they won’t be coming until the following Patch (6.25), much anticipated fan favorites that will be released include Island Sanctuary, as well as the new tier of Pandemonium! 

What are you most excited for?

Patch 6.2 — Buried Memory Special Site Now Live

The special site for Patch 6.2—Buried Memory is now live! Get a look at the patch artwork, logo, and a tease of the content coming your way!

View the special site.