Some Covenant Abilities have become talents in the Dragonflight expansion, but their spell animations haven’t been updated to fit the respective classes. Instead, they remain themed after Shadowlands Covenants.

Demon Hunters for example gain access to Elysian Decree in Dragonflight through talents. The spell animation remains Kyrian-themed, which doesn’t exactly fit the Demon Hunter class fantasy. As a Demon Hunter, I’d expect to have green / fel-themed spell animations.

Similarly, The Hunt remains to be themed after the Night Fae Covenant of Ardenweald with its purple/blue tint spell animation.

To preserve class fantasy, it would be great if Blizzard updated the Covenant Ability animation color to match the classes better. As Reddit user cahillross points out, The Hunt is handled correctly in Heroes of the Storm, where Illidan launches himself toward an enemy, briefly entering Demon Form. Something like that could be implemented in World of Warcraft as well with Metamorphosis when the ability begins to charge.

On the other hand, not all Covenant Abilities that have been baked into talents are a miss. For instance, Demon Hunters have access to Fodder to the Flame and the Necrolord spell animation fits the class perfectly.

What do you think about the Covenant Ability spell animations? Should they be updated or do you feel like it’s perfectly fine they’re left in their current state? Let me know in the comments down below!