Here are the Dracthyr Evoker changes that went live in the latest Dragonflight Alpha build.



Cycle of Life – Every 3 Emerald Blossoms leaves behind a tiny sprout which gathers 5% 10% of your healing over 10 sec. The sprout then heals allies within 25 yards, divided evenly among targets.

Temporal Anomaly – Send forward a vortex of temporal energy, healing 3 injured allies within 10 yards every 2 sec for [ 130% 173% of Spell Power ]. Lasts 8 6 sec.

Dream Flight cooldown increased to 2 mins (was 1 min).

New Talents

Divide and Conquer (PvP Talent) – Deep Breath sunders the ground, causing molten barriers to form on either side of you, preventing line of sight for 8 sec.