Another big topic cropped up in the WoW community this week, as Blizzard announced some free Twitch drops, coming from the pool of the WoW trading card game’s loot cards. The focus was centered on the mount, the Feldrake, a very valuable item from the TCG, that usually got sold for anywhere from $500 to $5000 (even still today). A debate started over whether the fact that it was added for free was a good or bad idea, considering how much money some people spent on it.

But before we get into the debate itself, let’s take a look at some of the memes that sprung up around it. First, here’s an artist re-imagining of the Blizzard offices when they made the announcement.

Then an accurate description of the community reaction.

Then there’s the ultimate response for the one of the more popular arguments.

And then there are the many, many, MANY threads in which players are discussing the issue, with those that own it feeling quite the sting, some arguing that its uniqueness will be gone as everyone will now have it and only use it for a few days, and most players being pretty happy with the free mount. Then there’s those very edge cases like SgtZimm24

A very good point brought up in the above thread is that the Twitch drops are also very limited time offers, and only those actively playing during that short time span will actually get it, so anyone returning will not have access to it. While the mount will certainly not be as rare as before, there will still be players wanting it (plus the card itself is worth something).

We then have a serious mount collector sharing their story and perspective, and as you can imagine, the comments were not very kind.

Some Feldrake owners actually bought it on the Auction House for gold, but despite not spending thousands of dollars on it, are still pretty upset.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some players are arguing the mount isn’t rare or unique enough:

And finally, there’s also a pretty big cluster of posts with plenty of upvotes talking about doing the same for other TCG mounts and items, like the legendary Spectral Tiger (which was recently sold for $5000) in the future.

Here are a few other threads where the discussion has been raging:

Do you guys think it is wild that Blizz is releasing this mount for free?? Seems kinda wrong for the collectors who got this on their own

To the people who are angry because they are going to giveaway the feldrake for free, why did you pay $3500 for the feldrake in the first place?

Re-introducing TCG stuff for watching streams..

Whenever I see an angry post someone that treated a mount like an NFT and are mad it became worthless

Where do you stand in this most recent of WoW community debates?