A new set of hotfixes arrives, with dungeon, item, and PvP improvements for retail, as well as BCC.

August 16 (Source)

Dungeons and Raids


Grimrail Depot

Rakun’s Diffused Energy zone positions have been adjusted, but also now show a warning visual at their location prior to becoming dangerous.

Spinning Spear is now correctly assigned the Stun mechanic, allowing the loss of control UI to function correctly.

Items and Rewards

Increased the vendor cost of Penumbra Thread to 11 gold (was 9 gold).

Developers’ note: This price change is to balance the decreased cost of reagents with the change to a regional commodity Auction House.

Player versus Player

The Conquest cap has been removed.

Spoils of War 25% Conquest and 40% Honor increased buff is now available until Shadowlands Season 4 ends.

Burning Crusade Classic

Fixed an issue that prevented the PvP leaderboards from updating as expected.