Blizzard commented on the lack of Havoc Demon Hunter changes in Season 4 and the Sinful Brand playstyle that will not be brought forward into Dragonflight.


Due to the horrible tuning and gameplay that Havoc Demon Hunter received in 9.2.5 with double legendaries, it went from a fun spec to a “this feels horrible to play” spec. With Survival being targeted for nerfs as well, that leaves me with 0 specs to play in Season 4, so I need to know whether or not I have to get another spec ready.

The Havoc feedback on Sinful brand is overwhelmingly negative, yet we’ve heard nothing about changes in 9.2.7. It feels bad having to drop my main character because there’s nothing being done about its play style only being viable if you pick a borrowed power that does 30~35% of your total damage. I don’t mind getting another character ready, but I would like to know by now as time is running out.

Yes I picked survival cause it’s FOTM. I do more DPS with a 20 ilvls lower pressing even less buttons than havoc.

Thank you for the post. We understand your frustration and want to take this opportunity to explain why there won’t be any changes to address the issue in Shadowlands. First, we largely view this as a preferred playstyle issue and not a balance one. Upon reviewing balance across all content formats, we didn’t see any reason to make changes to Havoc specifically. Second, the primary issue that we’re hearing is that some players do not enjoy the playstyle of maintaining Sinful Brand uptime through Eye Beam. We don’t think this point of the expansion is the appropriate time to disrupt players that have made significant investment into playing Havoc this way. However, we acknowledge the feedback you’re giving and we’ll be sure not to bring this particular gameplay forward into Dragonflight.