Tailors can craft 32 and 34-slot bags as well as 36-slot reagent bags in the Dragonflight expansion.

In Shadowlands, Tailors can craft bags with a maximum of 32 slots. The number of slots is increasing to 34 in Dragonflight with two new bags. The cheaper one is a 32-slot bag named Wildercloth Bag while the more expensive variant Azureweave Pack can fit up to 34 items.

The Fifth New Dragonflight Bag Slot

…is intended for reagents!

Tailors can craft a new 36-slot Chronocloth Reagent Bag that’s usable by all professions in Dragonflight.

Theoretically, you’ll have between 156-164 inventory space in Dragonflight and 36 slots for reagents!

A backpack with 20 slots (assuming you’ve secured your Battle.net Account with SMS Protect or an Authenticator).

+8 if you’re a Vulpera (Alpaca Saddlebags).

4x 34-slot bags from Tailoring.

1x 36-slot reagents bag from Tailoring.