We’re looking at 10 mounts that will be available in the Trading Post starting February 1.

Magenta Cloud Serpent

More affectionate than their cousins, Magenta Cloud Serpents are known to form close bonds with their riders.

Crusty Crawler

This rare giant crab has taken a break from its nautical nonsense deep under the sea to explore the surface.


Squawks’s older (and somehow louder) brother appears to tolerate your presence. For now. You should probably track down some crackers while you still can.

Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn

Kaldorei legends whisper of a relentless hunter prowling amongst the deepest shadows of Kalimdor, never sleeping. By the light of the sun or the moon, Ash’adar now hunts with you.

Coral-Stalker Waveray

This species of ray seems to have evolved to stalk its prey amidst the brightly colored corals of the seas.

Savage Green Battle Turtle

Turtle too slow to chase down your foes? Just add cannons. Nothing can outrun a cannon.

Model Preview Not Available

Armored Siege Kodo

Only the strongest and most fearless of kodos can be trained to become living siege weapons. Even the highest walls won’t keep them out for long.

Model Preview Not Available

Armored Golden Pterrordax

Many an unwary direhorn has met its end in a flash of glittering gold before becoming this pterrordax’s next meal.

Cerulean Marsh Hopper

Gottum’s expansion into export markets was inevitable with news of the Trading Post reaching even into the depths of the Frogmarsh.

Celestial Steed

A beacon of hope; a guiding light in the darkness.

More Store Mounts will probably be available in the Trading Post in the future, but for now, we only know of Celestial Steed. Note that not all the mounts will be available for purchase at the same time. It appears there will only be 1 mount per rotation/month.