The latest Dragonflight Alpha Build 44999 adds new Monk talents that will be implemented next week when the class is overhauled.

Some talents may be listed under the wrong specialization.

General Monk Talents (Shared Between All Specs)

Ancient Teachings of the Monastery – After casting Essence Font, your Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, and Rising Sun Kick heal an injured ally within 20 yards for 250% of the damage done. Lasts 15 sec.

Attenuation – Bonedust Brew’s Shadow damage or healing is increased by 20.0%, and when Bonedust Brew deals Shadow damage or healing, its cooldown is reduced by 0.5 sec.

Bountiful Brew – Your abilities have a low chance to cast Bonedust Brew at your target’s location.

Weapons of Order (Covenant Ability is back as a talent in the Monk class tree)

Brewmaster: For the next 30 sec, your Mastery is increased by 10%. Additionally, Keg Smash cooldown is reset instantly and enemies hit by Keg Smash take 8% increased damage from you for 10 sec, stacking up to 4 times.

Windwalker: For the next 30 sec, your Mastery is increased by 12.5%. Additionally, Rising Sun Kick reduces Chi costs by 1 for 5 sec, and Blackout Kick reduces the cooldown of affected abilities by an additional 1 sec.

Mistweaver: For the next 30 sec, your Mastery is increased by 42%. Additionally, Essence Font cooldown is reset instantly and heals up to 6 nearby allies for (40% of Spell Power) health on channel start and end. 

Brewmaster Monk Talents

Anvil & Stave – Each time you dodge or an enemy misses you, the remaining cooldown on your Brews is reduced by 0.5 sec.

Charred Passions – Your Breath of Fire ignites your right leg in flame for 8 sec, causing your Blackout Kick and Spinning Crane Kick to deal 100% additional damage as Fire damage and refresh the duration of your Breath of Fire on the target.

Elusive Footwork – Blackout Strike deals an additional 0 damage. Blackout Strike critical hits grant an additional 1 stack of Elusive Brawler.

Fundamental Observation – Zen Meditation has 25% reduced cooldown and is no longer cancelled when you move or when you are hit by melee attacks.

Staggering Strikes – When you Blackout Kick, your Stagger is reduced by 0.

Walk with the Ox – Abilities that grant Shuffle reduce the cooldown on Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox by 0.5 sec, and Niuzao’s Stomp deals an additional 10.0% damage.

Windwalker Monk Talents

Dragonfire Brew – After using Breath of Fire, you breathe fire 2 additional times, each dealing [ 2 + 13.23% of Attack Power ] Fire damage. Increases the duration of Breath of Fire by 100%.

Fluidity of Motion – Blackout Kick’s cooldown is reduced by 1 sec and its damage by 10%.

Graceful Exit – Blackout Kick’s cooldown is reduced by 1 sec and its damage by 10%.

Shadowboxing Treads – Blackout Kick damage increased by 20% and strikes an additional 2 targets.

Mistweaver Monk Talents

Clouded Focus – Healing with Enveloping Mists or Vivify while channeling Soothing Mists increases their healing done by 20% and reduces their mana cost by 20%. Stacks up to 3 times. When your Soothing Mists channel ends, this effect is cancelled.

Jade Bond – Abilities that activate Gust of Mist reduce the cooldown on Invoke Yul’on, the Jade Serpent by 0.3 sec, and Yu’lon’s Soothing Breath healing is increased by 12.0%.

Nourishing Chi – Life Cocoon increases healing over time received by an additional 20.0%, and this effect lingers for an additional 10 sec after the cocoon is removed.

Renewing Mist – Surrounds the target with healing mists, restoring [ 225% of Spell Power ] health over 20 sec. If Renewing Mist heals a target past maximum health, it will travel to another injured ally within 20 yds.

Resplendent Mist – Gust of Mists has a 30% chance to do 100.0% more healing.

Tear of Morning – Casting Vivify or Enveloping Mist on a target with Renewing Mist has a 10% chance to spread the Renewing Mist to another target. Your Vivify healing through Renewing Mist is increased by 20% and your Enveloping Mist also heals allies with Renewing Mist for 20% of its healing.

Strength of Spirit – Expel Harm’s healing is increased by up to 200%, based on your missing health.

Yu’lon’s Whisper – Activating Thunder Focus Tea causes you to exhale the breath of Yu’lon, healing up to 6 allies within 15 yards for [ 180% of Spell Power ] over 2 sec.