Fans of Knives: September 13, 2016

This week we got a few hotfixes:


  • Ghostly Strike debuff application and removal are now correctly posted to the combat log.
  • PvP: Flickering Shadows will no longer activate if the Rogue is capturing a point in Domination maps such as Arathi Basin.
  • Outlaw Rogues with Curse of the Dreadblades ability active will no longer take the backlash damage if Saber Slash strikes a second time.
  • Class Halls: The Vault Ticket (Rogue) is now a daily reset instead of weekly reset. This may not take effect until next Tuesday if you have already looted the Vault this week.


Skasch has calculated the values of each of our Artifact traits which informs how we should be using relics to best effect. Fierydemise sums up:


Good news: Tamen reports that the Armory is updating again which means that ShadowCraft should start working properly. Once we can all get in and bang around there will no doubt be bugs. Please report those to Tamen in our Discord channel. If he isn’t around, pop him a Tweet or post in the ShadowCraft forum.


And Sativ demonstrated our Outlaw Artifact weapon, The Dreadblades:


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