Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for March 3rd, 2015

This week sees the return of Encrypted Text! For his Blizzard Watch debut, Scott Helfand looks at leveling tips:


Infexious Gaming follows up last week’s Subtlety guide with a video Combat guide…

…as well as a set of rogue perspective video guides for Blackrock Foundry:


 We have quite a few bug and hotfixes:


  • Armor Sets: PvP 4-piece set bonus for Combat Rogues should now provide the correct set bonus for Cold Blood. Note that the tooltip will incorrectly display text for the old set bonus and will be fixed in a future client-side patch.
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue that could allow the effects of Master of Subtlety to persist longer than intended. Attacking targets immediately after Vanish transitions to Stealth should now correctly remove Stealth and trigger Subterfuge.


  • Talents: Rogues with the Subterfuge talent no longer incorrectly break out of Stealth from Prayer of Mending (Priest).
  • Fixed an issue where Subterfuge and Vanish interacted incorrectly, resulting in the wrong action bar being displayed for a short time.

…and a bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where Combat Rogues were unable to apply Deadly Poison from the Spellbook’s fly-out menu.


Finally, after Midwinter’s kill of Mythic Blackhand, Fierydemise made an interesting observation:

It seems that after a weak start and some annoying bugs, we have arrived!