Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for December 12th, 2014

We started out the week with a little drama when a flip comment by Kris Zierhut on Final Boss got him in hot water with rogues which elicited a response from Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas on the forums. Certainly people say things that they may regret or may not have thought through when they are in the interview hot-seat, but for a stealth class we are loud. Really loud. We rogues are passionate players who care about our class.

The interview is here – the rogue comments start at 1:24:

In more pertinent news, Rfeann takes a look at how we are shaping up in a raid environment:

And follows up with discussion:

And somewhat apropos of this conversation, Aeriwen talks about the distribution of rogues in the world first Highmaul race raid teams:

Convert to Raid, the mega guild on Aerie Peak is running class/spec bootcamps and Accomp hosted a very informative session for Assassination Rogues. He livestreamed the whole thing and posted it on You Tube along with a Google Doc of his outline:

Keep an eye out: Haileaus will be hosting a Subtlety version soon.

An awesome hotfix came in right after this round-up was posted last week:

And a few more for us again this week on the 10th and 11th; feel loved yet?

  • Subtlety: Honor Among Thieves should no longer cause Rogues with the Anticipation talent to stand up after receiving a Critical heal.
  • Talents: Resolved an issue where Death from Above could sometimes incorrectly be granting multiple combo points in conjunction with Ruthlessness.
  • Dungeons – Grimrail Depot: Railmaster Rocketspark: Characters should no longer be taken out of stealth effects at the start of the encounter.
  • And included since so many of us are currently using it: Enchanting: Mark of the Shattered Hand now triggers its bleed effect less frequently.

Also note that the materials needed for our gems, potions, and flasks have changed.

On a different note, this weekly recap will be moving from Fridays to Tuesdays – so look for the next Fan of Knives on Tuesday!