Fans of Knives: April 24, 2018

Now that we’ve had the announcement that the release of Battle for Azeroth is happening on August 14th, the world of warcraft feels like it is in a holding pattern, just waiting for the excitement to begin. As rogues, what can we do to prepare? Why we can make gold, of course. And how do we make gold in a uniquely rogue way? Why we Pick Pocket, of course.

Most of you probably know that our good friend Griftah will give you 4999g 99s 80c in exchange for 10000 Coins of Air for the weekly quest I’ll Take Those, Thanks! That’s 20 copper short of 5k gold per week, practically for free. The only cost is a tiny bit of time. Really tiny. Like minutes tiny.

For those of you for whom this is news, you need to complete a short questline first. Pick up Wanna Buy a Lamp? from Griftah in the rogue class hall. Pick lots of pockets to complete the questline and earn the weekly quest. Then just pick pocket 10000 Coins of Air from mobs in Legion expansion areas. Easy, right? Very, especially since you will be pick pocketing items of random worth that automatically convert into Coins of Air. Some items are worth as little as 5 Coins, but others are worth 10000 or 20000 Coins – that’s one or two weeks of turn-ins from one item!

To make picking pockets faster, easier, and more efficient (40000 Coins of Air in about 10 minutes fast), you can use macros. Goldmaker Reckles of WTBGold has a guide for that. He details several handy macros for all of your pickpocketing needs:


Not quite 110 yet? Well there are lots of other things that you can pick pocket out in the wide world. Wowhead has a guide for rouges of all levels:


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