Fans of Knives: Our Weekly News Roundup for August 11th, 2015

Game News: Last week was a big week for World of Warcraft. The new expansion announcement, along with a few tantalizing details about what we can expect from it, has had the internets abuzz. Few items have generated more hubbub than the suggestion that the Rogue Class Order will be in the Dalaran Sewers. For background, we had a little news piece with some details:


The Mentelgen, who started #RavenholdtOrRiot, posted a second piece on Reddit:

And Ion Hazzikostas has responded on Twitter:


Sjin of YOGSCAST has the opportunity to chat with Tom Chilton. Among other things, they touched on class differentiation and how Rogues are different conceptually from Demon Hunters. Mr Chilton also mentions that Blizzard’s intention at this time is to have the Rogue Class Order in Dalaran’s Underbelly.

The following are the statements of particular interest to rogues:

  • 1:59 – Talking about differentiation between Demon Hunters and Rogues: “The rogue is really more about stealth, crowd control, stuff like that, y’know – sneaking up behind the target, stabby stab, gouging, blinding, that sort of stuff, where the Demon Hunter is much more about in your face kind of mobility…”
  • 6:08 – Regarding Dalaran’s Underbelly: “We’re also thinking about having the…er…the rogue order home may end up down there.”
  • 7:43 – Talking about class differentiation: “Another example would be the rogue where we’re trying to build in distinction between Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety. So Subtlety is really going to keep going down that ninja route, Combat is kinda going to be a little bit more like a pirate, swashbuckler type of route. Assassination is going to be the poisons, damage over time kinda thing.”

The whole interview can be found here:


The following images of daggers were released with the press kit for Gamescom. The file names include the words “Artifact” and “Fang.” Could these be our daggers?

Artifact Fang 1 Artifact Fang 2 Artifact Fang 3


Rogue Blogs: On the topic of daggers, written before Legion was announced, the latest installment of Blizzard Watch’s Encrypted Text makes some excellent points that affect us currently and may very well be solved by Artifact Weapons:


What to Watch: On the topic of Artifact Weapons, Infexious Gaming has some speculation as to what may be in store for us:

And these videos from Jessiehealz aren’t new, but as we contemplate what daggers and one-handed weapons could be the basis for our Artifact weapons, take a look back at some of the cool daggers that are currently collectable for transmog. You will be able to transmog your Artifact Weapons, should you so desire:


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