Fans of Knives: Special 6.0.2 Edition

6.0 has finally arrived and Ravenholdt has everything that you need to get your Rogue up and running before Warlords of Draenor.

Sativ has written up a guide to what has changed for us:

New Ravenholdt guides are up for each spec:

ShadowCraft has been updated for 6.0. Check out Indz’s post on the Ravenholdt forums for details:

Backstabi has built us an addon to help out with managing our Combo Points now that they are on the Rogue rather than on the target:

As as we mentioned last week, there are a few pieces of 550 ilevel gear that will be dropping from the new Upper Black rock Spire dungeon:

And last but not least, The Official Patch notes:

See you in 6.0!