Fans of Knives: November 8, 2016

So Blizzcon happened and we managed to glean a few small things about the future of rogues.

In the Legion – What’s Next Panel, Ion Hazzikostas let us know that in Patch 7.1.5 we will be getting a new Artifact appearance. This one will be achieved by showing off our solo prowess in an individual scenario. Think warlock green fire – something like that. Our awesome new looks will be these – presumably, from left to right, Assassination, Outlaw, Subtlety:

Rogue Solo Weapons


Patch 7.1.5 will also bring flying to the Broken Isles. Each class will be getting a class mount and ours is a really fantastic looking raven:

Rogue Raven Mount Rogue Raven Mount Rogue Raven Mount Rogue Raven Mount


Credit and thanks to Wowhead and Warcraft Mounts for these terrific mount screenshots.

Wowhead also did an elightening interview with Chris Robinson (Art Director) and John Hight (Production Director). They gave us the following details about our mount:

  • What was the most challenging class mount to design for? What visual influences did you draw on for the mounts?
    • The rogue one was challenging (Chris plays a rogue!) – they got picky.
    • Blizzard wanted to make sure the artists had a connection to the mounts – each character team member helped design the mount for their class.
    • The rogue crow mount was originally on the Anzu model rig but they didn’t want it to feel like a reskin, so kept re-doing it until they got something they loved.


Back to the Legion – What’s Next Panel: Ion also mentioned that the devs are going to review talents again and may make some of the “have to have” ones baseline. They may tweak others to make them more desireable. He didn’t mention any of ours specifically, but Wowhead pulled out the following detail from an interview that Swifty did with Nathaniel Chapman and Celestalon:

  • Roll the Bones is a cool ability for rogues, but feels mandatory as Slice and Dice doesn’t feel competitive. So in 7.1.5, that will get an upgrade to be a worthy alternative to Roll the Bones.


Finally, one more detail that Ion gave us is that they feel that they may have been a little bit strict in their removal of utility abilities. Upon review they have decided that we will be getting Shroud of Concealment back.


Check out the following for more details:


Warcraft Mounts:


In not Blizzcon news, Fierydemise made a very pretty graph in response to questions about artifact scaling:


And Stjern has updated his guide for 7.1:


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