Fans of Knives: May 8th, 2018

Once again this week has been mostly about Battle for Azeroth beta. As you are no doubt aware, when dealing with content in development everything is subject to change and while, if you are spoiler sensitive, you should tread carefully, most of the content here is about class design and abilities rather than lore or story.

PvPer Nahj, has posted some excellent feedback on Sutlety on BfA beta. So excellent, in fact, that World of Warcraft Game Designer Seph responded with a couple of reveals on the latest changes in the works for Sub. To jump straight to Seph’s comments click the second link.


Infexious of Infexious Gaming has also taken time this week to address the state of Subtlety on BfA beta.

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Finally some lovely Redditer posted this concise history of the rogue class. Enjoy!

(If anyone knows who made this, please let us know so we can give credit.)


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