Please excuse our dust! If you are reading this and you have any familiarity with Ravenholdt, you have probably noticed that we have a new site. We are still settling in here so please bear with us as we get the kinks worked out. If you notice issues or have compliments, feel free to let us know.

We have divided current content into four sections:

  • Tricks of the Trade: WoW rogue guides, raid tips, and other resources to help you play at your best.
  • Deeper Stratagem: In-depth analysis and viewpoints from WoW rogue experts.
  • Dispatches: The latest WoW rogue class news and developments.
  • Thick as Thieves: WoW rogue community features, interviews, and other forms of deadly fun.

You can also check out About RH for information about us, and hopefully soon, Hidden Blades for an archive of all that old content we cant bear to part with. Many thanks to Rfeann for much hard work on this.

Check Back Soon™ to check out some new features that we have in the works!


Visions of N’Zoth has added a new feature, Horrific Visions. Dratnos has a very helpful full clear of the Stormwind Horrific Vision on his Outlaw rogue. Check this out:


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