Fans of Knives: June 7, 2016

This last week gave us a new Legion: Beta build with a few changes for us. Rfeann has them sorted:

You may notice the interesting talent change for Assassination in that last build. Celestalon posted to talk about the new changes and talent philosophy, and uses the Assassination concern as a good example:

And Aneuryzm of Infexious Gaming takes a look at the new talent itself:


Rfeann has also added a few other official communications that address rogue questions to his collection:


If you enjoyed last week’s Legion: Beta PvP video with Sensus, check out Sativ’s latest:


Sativ has also created a thread for Legion: Beta videos on the official forums. Check them all out and if you are a video creator, be sure to add yours:


And to wrap up today’s news, TheAcunda has written up a Rogue transmog guide on Wowhead. Check it out, it’s pretty:


Come and talk to us: you can join in on the conversation with other rogues on our IRC and Discord channels:


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