Patch 10.1 adds 8 Dragon Glyphs for you to collect in Zaralek Cavern and unlock 2 new Dragonriding Talents. Check out our guide for the exact locations with TomTom coordinates.

Zaralek Cavern Glyph Hunter

To earn the new meta-achievement you must gather 8 glyphs in Zaralek Cavern:

Dragon Glyphs: Zaqali Caldera

Dragon Glyphs: Nal ks’kol

Dragon Glyphs: Loamm

Dragon Glyphs: Glimmerogg

Dragon Glyphs: Slitherdrake Roost

Dragon Glyphs: Aberrus Approach

Dragon Glyphs: The Throughway

Dragon Glyphs: Acidbite Ravine

Ground Skimming (Costs 4 Dragonriding Glyphs)

When dragonriding near the ground, you regenerate 1 Vigor every 30 seconds. This effect does not occur while affected by Thrill of the Skies.

Land’s Blessing (Costs 4 Dragonriding Glyphs)

Ground Skimming regenerates 1 Vigor every 20 seconds.

A Map with Zaralek Cavern Dragon Glyph Locations

Here’s a map with all glyph locations and the exact order you can pick them up to finish in Loamm, the new 10.1 hub. I believe AzerPUG’s DragonRider will also be updated with glyph locations soon.

Zaralek Cavern Dragon Glyph Locations (Coords)

If you don’t like maps and want coords instead, make sure to download TomTom and create a macro with the following coordinates. Run it once in the game and you should see green icons pop up on your Zaralek Cavern map with all glyph locations.

/way #2133 41.6 80.9 Glimmerogg

/way #2133 62.5 73.2 Nal ks’kol

/way #2133 54.7 54.6 Loamm

/way #2133 30.5 45.2 Zaqali Caldera

/way #2133 55.2 28 Slitherdrake Roost

/way #2133 72.1 48.3 The Throughway

/way #2133 47.4 37.1 Acidbite Ravine

/way #2133 48.4 7 Aberrus Approach

Further Reading

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