A new Wrath Classic Beta build comes with Group Finder tool adjustments, the removal of Heartbeat Resist mechanics from Arena, and various fixes that you will find in the development notes.


Testing Updates

The Group Finder tool has been updated with several adjustments:

Players listing in the tool can now flag themselves or their group as “New Player Friendly”, indicating that your group is open and welcoming to less experienced players.

Level ranges have been adjusted for many dungeons, raids, and zones.

When selecting roles as a solo lister, the role tooltip will now include a text warning for roles that are not traditionally recommended for your class.

Heartbeat Resist mechanics have been removed from Arena.

Developer’s Note: There is a mechanic in place on Crowd Control effects that does a periodic check while a CC is active to see if the effect resists and ends early. In Wrath of the Lich King this check does not start to occur until several seconds into a CC’s duration, so in PvP Settings this had a relatively small chance to occur, but it was very impactful when it did. After receiving feedback on this mechanic over the course of Classic and Burning Crusade Classic, we’ve decided to make a small adjustment and completely remove this chance in Arena.


When a spell misses, it no longer will appear in-game as a resist.

Developer’s Note: It is still possible for spells to partially or fully resist, and spell penetration can still be used to counteract resists specifically. The bug here was that both spell resists and spell misses were showing in-game as “resists”.

Spell hit and resistance formulas have been updated to match 3.3.5. Notably, extra chance for spells to miss gained from talents and racial abilities can now correctly be overcome with additional spell hit.

Area of Effect Damage caps now kick in above 10 targets rather than 20.

Fixed several interface errors with the Equipment Manager.

Fixed Novos the Summoner’s Arcane Field visual effect to match the correct area effect of the ability.

Pit lords no longer have all of the sparkles. We loved it, but no one Pit Lord should have all that flair.

Scripted RP events that were previously missing audio lines have been fixed.

Fixed a number of issues with incorrect Dungeon Portal visuals displaying on raids and dungeons across Northrend.

The Achievement Tracker will now properly update when a new achievement is tracked or a tracked achievement is completed.

During the final quest of the Death Knight intro experience, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus should no longer attack playters during the RP event.

Pets and Guardians no longer turn to target their owner when casting friendly spells.

Meeting stone level ranges listed on the tooltips now display appropriate level ranges based on the level of the associated content.

Intravenous Healing Potions now function correctly.

Flying Carpet mounts are now properly restricted to Tailors.

Fixed an issue that caused some skinning targets to incorrectly display the dark red “skinnable” tag, even when you had the skill to skin the target.

Critters such as Cows, Sheep, and Rabbits are no longer skinnable.

Interacting with a Glyph in your inventory now properly opens the Glyph panel.


Armored to the Teeth and similar abilities now properly increase attack power based on Armor Value.

Fixed an issue that caused Slam to return a “Not enough mana” error message when cast at 29 or less rage.


Shadowform now properly grants Devouring Plague and Vampiric Touch the ability to benefit from Haste.

Prayer of Shadow Protection and Arcane Brilliance now properly affect raid/party members.


Glyph of Quick Decay now works properly, granting Warlocks spell haste effects on Corruption.

Fixed an issue with the Warlock’s Ritual of Summoning portal model.

Resolved a visual issue in the tooltip for Life Tap


Fixed an issue where rogue combo finishers will not appropriately activate or deactivate on the action bar when switching targets

Rogues will no longer receive an erroneous extra, large spike of additional energy just after the energy bar had been fully depleted