The Glory of the Dragonflight Hero achievement was finished up on the same day as each region’s reset this week, as two groups of players were pushing for it, one for NA and one for EU. The NA team (Chrus, Naturemyth, Pyrania, Yarini and Yuhgi) managed to grab the actual World First as their reset arrived 16 hours earlier and the Mythic +0 dungeons became available, and it took them 15 hours to get it done.

However, the EU team (Xirev, Alecestrasza, Noxmonk, Sniffy, and Wolfscale) did it faster, only taking 9 hours to complete, while still grabbing the World 2nd.

And here’s the video from the US team:

You can check out the leaderboard with the two top teams below, courtesy of Data for Azeroth: