This week’s world boss spawning on live servers is Basrikron. Check out the loot you can get!

Basrikron is found in the Waking Shores. Search for the purple World Quest to pinpoint the exact location.

Basrikron is significantly heavier than his kin, and as such prefers life on the ground to soaring through the air. Basikron’s surroundings are his to conquer and allow him to perfect his craft. He speaks and the ground obeys, allowing him to bring to bear the full might of the earth upon those foolish enough to face him.

Basikron Loot Table

Basrikron drops the following Item Level 395 loot:

Earthspeaker’s Brooch (Neck)

Hardened Shale Breastplate (Plate Chest)

Petrified Bracelets (Mail Wrist)

Belt of Living Earth (Cloth Waist)

Stony Cragwalkers (Leather Feet)