The patch that has been causing a lot of trouble today as servers are down and maintenance keeps getting extended was actually a very significant one, as it set up key changes that will allow for server merges, something the community has been asking for for a while. The first round of these merges is coming on September 28th, with a list of affected servers below, as well as a list of merges that will occur later, and a FAQ section.

Server Merges (Source)

Heroes of Arkesia,

Vanquishing the myriad of threats invading Arkesia often requires a group to team-up, and some servers have fewer heroes than others. This week’s September 7 update includes key back-end tech changes that will allow us to implement server merges. To ensure players in every server are able to reliably participate in world-specific content (Field Bosses, Co-op Sailing Missions, Guild content, etc.) we plan to kick-off the first round of server merges immediately following the September 28 update.

Server merges will be straightforward for players who have a roster of characters on one of the servers (they’ll just need to log-in to the new server), but players who have a roster on both servers will have their rosters combined. If you’re one of these players, find our plan for combining your rosters below list of planned merges.

Planned September 28 Merges

Western Europe

Shadespire will merge into Rethramis

Petrania will merge into Tortoyk

Tragon will merge into Moonkeep

Stonehearth will merge into Punika

South America

Kurzan will merge into Agaton

Prideholme will merge into Vern

Yorn will merge into Gienah

Feiton will merge into Arcturus

Central Europe

Sirius will merge with Sceptrum and become Starlight

Thaemine will merge with Procyon and become Lazenith

Nineveh will merge with Beatrice and become Twilightmist

Brelshaza will merge with Inanna and become Balthorr



Planned Round 2 Merges

We will monitor how the initial round of merges progresses, but plan to implement the following merges several weeks after the initial September 28 merges.

Western Europe

Rethramis and Tortoyk will merge and become Rudric

Moonkeep and Punika will merge and become Sylvain

South America

Agaton and Vern will merge and become Arthentine

Gienah and Arcturus will merge and become Blackfang


Roster Merge FAQ

For players who have rosters on more than one server merging into each other, here’s how we plan on handling items, progression, and rosters together. With some exceptions, the majority of items and systems can be categorized by the following policies:

Max – The items/system are set to the highest value found on either roster.

Min – The items/system are set to the lowest value found on either roster.

Sum – Both roster’s values are added together.

Union – The items/system are added together, with duplicates being removed.

Reset – The system is reconfigured to the default value.

With that key for reference, let’s dive into how each system will function.

Character Level Systems

Characters and Character Slots

All characters will be sent to Universal Character Storage. Upon entering the character selection screen, a pop-up guide to the Universal Character Storage will be displayed. Universal Character Storage can permanently store characters, and you will be able to move your characters in and out of this storage space freely.

Character slots will reset to the default 6. Additional character slots that have been purchased will be returned to the player as Character Slot Extension Tickets.

Main Character

Content displaying main characters (Stronghold, Proving Grounds, etc.) will be adjusted to show the character with the highest Item Level across both merged servers. Once a player manually selects a main character, the screen will be adjusted to follow this designation.

Character Designation from Universal Character Storage for Gold Acquisition

When a character from Universal Character Storage is moved to the Roster and designated for an activity that includes Gold acquisition, this character will become “bound” for use once this activity is complete and the Gold has been acquired.

After the weekly reset, this character will become unbound and can be moved back to Universal Character Storage

Before the weekly reset, the character remains bound and cannot be moved back to Universal Character Storage

If the character was designated for Gold acquisition but didn’t complete any gold acquiring activities, it will be unbound from the roster and can be moved back to Universal Character Storage prior to the weekly reset.

Existing Name Change Tickets, Reskin Tickets, and Character Slot Extension Tickets will not be changed, as they already function across a player’s entire account.

Unused Powerpasses will be summed.

Please remember to use your Event Punika Powerpass prior to the beginning of the server merges on September 28, as it will expire after this update is complete.


Crystal, Gold, Silver, Pheons, Phoenix Plumes, Pirate Coins, Coin of Courage, Providence Stones, Gienah’s Coin, Septrum’s Coin, Arcturus’s Coin, Ancient Coin, and Sun Coin will all be combined across servers to grant the player the sum of their values. For example, if you have 1,000 gold on Server A and 500 gold on Server B, following the merge you will have 1,500 gold available.

Excess currency over the max will be sent to Universal Storage, except for Gienah’s Coin,

Septrum’s Coin, Arcturus’s Coin, Ancient Coin, and Sun Coin, which will cap at the max of 9,999,999.


Achievements – Max

Considered as complete if completed in either server. Applies the higher level if completed in both servers.

Overall Achievement Progression Status – Union

Overall Achievement progression is to be recalculated upon merge.

Achievement Completion Rewards – Union

If the reward has already been claimed on at least one server, it cannot be claimed again after the merge.

If the reward completed and is waiting to be claimed on one server, and is not completed and cannot be claimed on another server, the reward can be claimed on the merged server.

Titles and Virtue Points – Union

These will be added together, but any duplicates will be removed.

Engravings & Cards

Engraving Effect – Max

Engraving Recipes in the Roster/Stronghold Storage and Inventory are to be summed.

Card Deck Presets will Reset.

Card Deck Slot – Max

The Bigger Slot number between two servers remains.

If the removed slots have been extended with Gold, the Gold is refunded to Universal Storage.

If the removed slots have been extended with Crystal, the Crystal is refunded to the Product Inventory.

Card Book – Union

The Card Book will include the sum of all cards from Server A and Server B, with any duplicates removed.

All remaining Cards (excluding Cards that have been removed due to duplication) are moved into Universal Storage so that they can be obtained again as needed.

Card Enhancement – Max

If a card is enhanced, the highest enhanced card among merged servers will be retained and others will be removed.

Any card XP put toward a removed card to enhance it will be abandoned and reset to zero, so players should use up their XP before the merges. Card XP put toward a remaining card will remain. Card XP will also be lost if applied before having duplicates needed for an Awakening.

Card Catalog Slots – Max

The Bigger Slot number between two servers remains.

If the removed slots are extended with Gold, Gold is refunded to Universal Storage.

If the removed slots are extended with Crystal, Crystal is refunded to the Product Inventory.

Card Bookmarks and Stacks – Max

The value of the server with higher number of bookmarks remains, along with the value with the higher number of stacks.


Roster Level and XP – Max

The value of the Roster with the highest level and XP will remain.

Roster Rewards

Roster rewards, such as character stats, will be recalculated after the merge to reflect the highest earned values. These rewards cannot be claimed multiple times.

If the reward was already claimed in at least one server, it cannot be claimed again after the merge.

If the reward is not claimed in either servers and available in at least one server, it will remain available to claim after merge.

Roster Storage – Sum

Items in Roster Storage are sent to Universal Storage after the merge.

Roster Storage Slot Extension – Max

The bigger Storage Slot number between the two servers will remain.

If any slots are removed that were previously extended with Gold or Crystals, this currency will be refunded to the Product Inventory.

Adventurer’s Tome

Main Quests, Collectibles, Cooking, Vistas, Dungeons, Monsters, Bosses, Hidden & Another Stories, Rapport, Triport, Virtue Points – Union (added, but duplicates removed)

Excess values above max to be discarded.

Adventurer’s Tome Progression – Depending on a player’s progression in each server, a new combined progression completion will be recalculated to provide players additional rewards.


Rapport Quest Completion and Rapport Dialogue – Union

If at least one server has a claimable reward, and the same reward has never been claimed in another, it will remain claimable after the merge.

Rapport Level, Rapport Points, Rapport Grade – Max


Island Souls, Giant’s Hearts, Masterpieces, Omnium Stars, Mokoko Seeds, Ignea Tokens, World Tree Leaves, and Sea Bounties – Union

Collectible Rewards – Max

Newly available rewards upon recalculation can be claimed after the merge.

If a reward is available in either server, it will process as completed and be sent to Universal Storage.


Ship Acquisition, Ship Level, Ship Skins, Sail Glyphs, and Crew List Max

Duplicates of Ship Skins and Sail Glyphs will be removed. If these were obtained in exchange for Crystals, you can receive a refund by contacting Customer Support.

Una’s Tasks

Reputation Level, Reputation Points, Completion Count – Max

For Lopang, the higher Lopang Inc. reputation value between servers is applied.


Completed if acquired on either server.

Players will be able to obtain a reward if they have not previously acquired the reward from either server and have met the proper criteria.

Per Roster rewards, only the first character to claim them can be granted rewards. Other characters can claim character rewards only.

Proving Grounds

MMR & PvP Rank – Max

The value of the server with the higher last MMR remains if competitive matches have been played in either server.

Competitive & PvP Match Rewards

Rewards will need to be claimed after the season ends on September 7, and before the merges on September 28.

World Content & Systems

Tower First Clear Reward – Max

If the first clear reward has not been claimed in either servers, it can be claimed after the merge.

Bifrost Slots – Slots will be recalculated based on Roster level and Ignea Tokens.

Bifrost Save Information – Reset

Content Drop Limits – Max

If a limited drop is obtained in either server, counts as drop completed in the merged server.

Currency Exchange

All transaction registrations canceled/reset.

Refunds Royal Crystal for canceled transactions.

Refunds Gold for canceled transactions.

Auction House

All items are to be canceled and sent via mail before merge, and can be claimed for 30 days from cancellation.

Deposit for canceled registration refunded via mail.

Skill Runes

Skill Runes – Union (duplicates from the same source will be removed)


Stronghold Level and Experience – Max

Stronghold Currencies – Sum

Structures – Union

Excess structures above the storage limit will be discarded.

NPC Outfits – Union

Removed duplicates will be

refunded to the Product Inventory with Crystals.

Placement – dependent on the Stronghold selected based on the highest level

NPC placement will remain.

Character placement will be reset.

Completed Research List & Research in Progress – Union

Removed duplicates of Completed Research will be refunded with the Gold spent on the Research.

For duplicate Research in progress, the one started earlier will remain and Gold will be refunded for the removed Research.

Crafting List & Status – Max

Crafting in process in the removed Stronghold will be all canceled.

Gold expenses will be refunded (no material return).

Dispatch in Progression and Completed Dispatch List – Union

No Pirate Coin refunds for removed duplicates.

For duplicate Dispatches in progress, the one started earlier will remain.

Stronghold Ships – Max

Ships are dependent on Research, which will be retained based on the max value.

Stronghold Crew – Union

Stronghold Quests, Stronghold Farm, Pet Ranch,

Interested Stronghold List – Max

Visitor records – Reset

Knowledge Transfer in progress – Reset

Progress canceled

Gold expenses refunded

Training Camp – Reset

Character Training in progress will be reset – make sure you collect your experience before the planned downtime on September 28!

Manor Status Value, Stronghold Feast Status, Stronghold Merchant Status – Max (Dependent on the selected Stronghold)

Stronghold Activity Notebook- Sum

Stronghold Badge, Slots, and Jukebox – Union

Guild Siege

Siege Event will not be available the week of the merge.

Pets & Mounts

Pet Collection – Sum, with duplicates allowed.

Mounts – Union (duplicates removed)

Mount Bookmark is to be summed removing duplicates

Removed duplicates will be compensated to Universal Storage.

For duplicate Founder’s Pack mounts, a Founder’s Mount selection chest (Untradeable) will be provided.

For duplicate ‘Golden Cloud’ mount, a ‘Golden Cloud’ mount (Tradable) will be provided.

For other duplicate mounts, a ‘Mount Selection Chest’ (Untradeable) will be provided.


Universal Storage – Sum


Roster Friend list – Sum

Excess friends above max will be abandoned based on the last login date.

Block List – Sum

Excess above list cap to be abandoned based on the last login date.

Friend Requests, Recent Friend List, and Friend Group – Reset


The Express Event Missions end on September 28, and rewards must be claimed prior to the server merges.

Mokoko Challenge – Max

Value of the higher progression state between two servers will remain.

Trade Skills & Energy

Life Energy – Max

Leap Essence – Sum

Any card XP put toward a removed card to enhance it will be abandoned and reset to zero, so players should use up their XP before the merges. Card XP put toward a remaining card will remain. Card XP will also be lost if applied before having duplicates needed for an Awakening.

Trade Skills Level and Experience – Max

Items & Product Inventory

Product Inventory – Sum

If your Product Inventory exceeds 50 items following the server merge, you will not be able to purchase or receive any new items to your Product Inventory until it is brought below 50.

Purchase Count Limit – Sum

Purchases occurring in both servers are to be added.

Other Chat/Auction House Settings – Latest setting remains based on the time they were last set.

Special Equipment (Compass, Charm, etc.) – Max

Regardless of being equipped or not, the higher grade one will remain. The lower grade one will be discarded. If the unequipped one in the inventory has higher grade, equipped and lower graded one will be deleted, and the one in the inventory will remain.

We’ll have more information on anticipated downtimes approaching the update. We look forward to the new relationships players can forge in their merged servers. We’ll keep an eye out for any other servers in need of a merge. Until then, we’ll see you in Arkesia!