The first Timewalking event in the Dragonflight expansion starts on live servers later today!

Item Level of Timewalking Loot in Dragonflight Season 1

We currently do not know the exact item level of rewards from Timewalking in Dragonflight. All the gear currently has a placeholder value (Item Level 33). 

Reputation Buff

Sign of Iron will increase Warlords of Draenor reputation gains from combat and quests by 50%, making it ideal for unlocking cosmetic skulls gated behind rep grinds, like Bloody Visage of the Laughing SkullVisage of the Laughing Skull, and Frozen Visage of the Laughing Skull.

You can also buy BoA reputation commendations from Timewalking Vendors for Timewarped Badges during the event.

Commendation of the Arrakoa Outcasts

Commendation of the Council of Exarchs

Commendation of the Hand of the Prophet

Commendation of the Frostwolf Orcs

Commendation of the Laughing Skull Orcs

Commendation of the Order of the Awakened

Commendation of the Sha’tari Defense

Commendation of the Saberstalkers

Commendation of the Steamwheedle Preservation Society

Commendation of Vol’jin’s Headhunters

Weekly Quest

Open the in-game Adventure Guide (Shift + J) and click on “Start Quest” for Bonus Event Timewalking to get started. The weekly quest requires you to complete 5 Timewalking dungeons to receive 1 piece of Normal Vault of the Incarnates loot.

Reins of the Infinite Timereaver has a small chance to drop from all Timewalking bosses as Personal Loot.

Timewalking Vendors

The Timewalking Vendors are Tempra and Kronnus.

They can be found in Stormshield and Warspear and offer mounts, gear, reputation commendations, heirloom upgrade tokens, toys, and more.

MountsBeastlord’s Irontusk and Beastlord’s Warwolf;

ToysApexis Focusing Shard and Banner of the Burning Blade.


You will pay 25 Timewarped Badges per item. One-Hand Weapons can be purchased for 50, Blammo’s Blammer & Forgotten Champion’s Blade cost 100 Timewarped Badges. Here’s a list of all items that you can buy from the Timewalking vendors:

Shadowspeaker’s Shard

Shard of Scorn

Blammo’s Blammer

Forgotten Champion’s Blade

Fine Void-Chain Cinch

Whitesea’s Waistwrap

Ironstudded Scale Girdle

Krud’s Girthy Girdle

Zorkra’s Hood

Frogskin Diving Cap

Dented Ogre Skullcap

Mo’gruth’s Discarded Parade Helm

Twisted Taboo Handwraps

Cave Keeper Wraps

Serpentine Gloves

Krag’goth’s Iron Gauntlets

Positive Pantaloons

Dragonrider’s Tinkered Leggings


Hershak’s Heavy Legguards