We’ve found multiple maps that hint at time travel in Dragonflight. Are Mists of Pandaria scenarios making a comeback in the new expansion?

We’re dealing with 6 new maps here. Some are named after notable events in the game’s history, like the Pandaren Revolution or War of the Shifting Sands. Some are less serious, like Azmerloth…


Azmerloth is a Murloc-themed map of Dragonblight. All the area names are in Nerglish (Murloc language).

The Black Empire

A new map of Ny’alotha suggests we’ll be visiting the zone again in Dragonflight.

The Gnoll War

According to Wowpedia, the Gnoll War was a major conflict fought between the relatively young and small Kingdom of Stormwind, and an unusually unified faction of gnoll packs, around 75 years before the opening of the Dark Portal. 

Pandaren Revolution

The Pandaren Revolution was an armed uprising, initially consisting of Pandaren monks, which sought to overthrow the oppressive and decadent mogu empire who held them in slavery, around 12,000 years before the opening of the Dark Portal.

Primalist Tomorrow

War of the Shifting Sands

The Qiraji War was a major conflict that took place in southern Kalimdor between an allied campaign of night elves and dragons and the immense armies of the qirraji and lesser silithid, around 975 years before the First War. In the end, the Night Elves gained the upper hand and pushed back the qiraji deep into Silithus.