A preview of Tier Set tokens coming in the first Dragonflight raid — Vault of the Incarnates.

The first raid of Dragonflight includes Class Tier Set tokens that can be used to create soulbound Vault of the Incarnates Class Set items appropriate for your class.

The item level right now ranges from 398-408. Tokens will the increased item level will likely drop from the last two bosses.

Zenith Tokens

Intended for Evokers, Monks, Rogues, Warriors.

Zenith Jade Forgestone

Zenith Amethyst Forgestone

Zenith Garnet Forgestone

Zenith Lapis Forgestone

Zenith Topaz Forgestone

Dreadful Tokens

Intended for Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Warlocks.

Dreadful Lapis Forgestone

Dreadful Garnet Forgestone

Dreadful Topaz Forgestone

Dreadful Jade Forgestone

Dreadful Amethyst Forgestone

Mystic Tokens

Intended for Druids, Hunters, and Mages.

Mystic Amethyst Forgestone

Mystic Garnet Forgestone

Mystic Lapis Forgestone

Mystic Topaz Forgestone

Mystic Jade Forgestone

Venerated Tokens

Intended for Paladins, Priests, and Shamans.

Venerated Amethyst Forgestone

Venerated Garnet Forgestone

Venerated Jade Forgestone

Venerated Lapis Forgestone

Venerated Topaz Forgestone