A new build has arrived on the WotLK beta, with Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients, the Ring of Valor joining in the testing, as well as Emblem of Heroism changes and many bug fixes. 

Beta (Source)

Beta Test Release Build 45166
August 17, 2022

Testing Updates

Wintergrasp is now available for testing.

The zone is open for exploration.

When we initialize the instanced battleground, it will support up to 120 players from each faction.

We may lower the capacity for testing purposes.

Strand of the Ancients is now available for testing.

The Ring of Valor (Orgrimmar Arena) is now available.

The “Show Low Level Quests” option has been added to the minimap.

Adjustments have been made to the Emblem of Heroism quest reward implementation.


Fixed a bug preventing spells with optional additional effects like Faerie Fire from being reapplied when the target is affected by certain Auras.

Casters are not using the correct Glancing Blow calculations for attacks.

Spell animations should no longer playing several full loops of the animation before they disappear.

For the quest “Riding the Red Rocket”, riding the Rocket Propelled Warhead into the enemy faction’s boat should blow up the boat and provide quest credit.

Fixed a bug preventing players from completing the quest “City of Light”.

When you accept “The Emissary” or “The Trident of Naz’jan”, Veehja should no longer only cast Riplash Blessing on herself.

When using the Argent Cannon, your targeting indicator should no longer pop to your feet at a higher angle than intended.

You should no longer receive the error “This raid is not yet available” if you try to enter Blackwing Lair.

Fixed a bug causing Slahtz to often become invisible.

Harold Winston no longer sells Kirin Tor Ring upgrades before the appropriate content phase.

Enchants that provide mana every 5 seconds (mp5) should now update mana regen on the character info panel.

Removed Epic gems that should not be available until a later content phase.


Instructor Razuvious dying should now despawn Death Knight Understudy in the event of a wipe.

Death Knight

Death Runes should no longer stay active after swapping specs.

Newly created Death Knights should no longer spam achievements to other players in the chat window.


Glyph of Hurricane no longer incorrectly buffs Insect Swarm and debuffs Hurricane.


Hunters can no longer remove Exotic Pets from the stable if they are not talented into Beast Mastery.


Mana Burn should now break fears as expected.


Applying buffs that increase stats after Molten Armor is already applied should not lower your critical strike chance significantly.


Greater Blessing of Sanctuary should once again be able to be cast.


Fixed an issue where Warlock’s Drain Soul channel would incorrectly cancel if a killing blow was dealt to an enemy that was not the target of Drain Soul.


Slam should now correctly delay auto attack timers for the duration of Slam’s cast time.