We’re looking at the UI improvements introduced in the latest Dragonflight Alpha update.

UI Changes

Unit frames have a new default location in Dragonflight Alpha Build 44795. They’re now located near the player.

HUD Edit Mode has been updated with a grid checkbox and slider in the latest Alpha build.

You can move the unit frames (player, focus, target) and adjust your action bars here.

Target Frame

The target frame only has one setting for now: “Display Buffs on Top”.

Focus Frame Settings

Two options are available for the Focus Frame: “Buffs on Top” and Use Larger Frame”.

Action Bar Settings

You can select the orientation number of rows and icons displayed on the action bar, icon size, padding, hide bar art, and more.

Saving Layouts

The game lets you save multiple layouts and if you don’t like the new Modern layout, you can switch to Classic. You can also Import or Share layouts.