The Hot Feet talent which grants Fel Rush an additional charge will be moved to the class tree in place of Master of the Glaive in the next Dragonflight Alpha build.  

Master of the Glaive‘s effect will be reverted back into the Debilitating Cuts and renamed back to “Master of the Glaive”, matching the current talent version on live servers.


I believe 2 charges of Fel Rush should be baseline to the class.

We agree to the extent that a 2nd charge of Fel Rush (and for Vengeance, Infernal Strike) should be more easily accessible than in its current position on the Havoc spec tree, and so the talent Hot Feet will be moving to the class tree in the first row center position where the talent ‘Master of the Glaive’ is now.

Master of the Glaive’s effect will be combined back into the talent ‘Debilitating Cuts’ and renamed back to ‘Master of the Glaive,’ matching the Shadowlands talent version.

What moves to Hot Feet’s former spot?

A new talent modifying Throw Glaive will be taking its place, the details of which will be available in a future build.

While on the topic of talent placement and what talents go where, we’ve been following discussions and planning changes. Instead of responding to every current related comment, you can refer to the below image to see what Havoc’s tree is likely to look in the next update:


We really do appreciate your continued play, discussion, and feedback, and we hope you will continue to share it with us as we move forward. Cheers.