Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr is a new dungeon introduced in Dragonflight. Join us and our Mythic+ writer Petko as we analyze it in more detail.

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr – Dragonflight Dungeon Analysis

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr is one of the first dungeons to be released on the Dragonflight Alpha, available for testing by a few select players. I have been extensively exploring the dungeon for the past couple of days and my first impression of it is quite positive. The dungeon is filled with great boss fights (which you will see down below) and also a good combination of mass-AoE pulls and 2-3 target mob cleave. So, without further to do, let’s begin!

*DISCLAIMER* This is not a Guide on how to play each boss, nor a guide on how to complete the instance, but an overview and my first impressions of the overall difficulty of the dungeon. During the Alpha version of the game, the vast majority of data will change or be tuned depending on the feedback. We will add official guides to each dungeon further down the road.

The Lost Dwarves

This is the very first boss of the dungeon, providing you with something quite rare for an instance: having a three-boss fight with all of them simultaneously active, each of them having a unique ability. A similar “council” fight can be seen in Theater of Pain, during the “An Affront of Challengers” encounter at the beginning of the dungeon. One interesting feature that I liked was the fact that one of the bosses (Olaf) has a Defensive Bulwark which gives 75% damage reduction to anyone that stays under it; it is however interruptible and it will make a difference between coordinated and uncoordinated (pug) groups, which might pull lots of non-boss-enemies with the boss and use all cooldowns available. Finally, there is a cool animation with all three dwarves jumping on their battleship!


I found this boss to be tough at the beginning while exploring as I wasn’t aware exactly of how to play it, but once I got used to it it was easy peasy. There is literally one important boss feature to pay attention to and that is the Quaking Totem that he spawns. Once you kill it before his Bloodlust cast, he will get stunned and the whole process begins again. One feature I disliked was the random mobs spawning around him and jumping on the target’s location, meaning all of you have to be stacked in melee so they don’t jump left and right, which will ultimately hurt the ranged players having to move back and forth.

Sentinel Talondras

This is one of the easier bosses in this dungeon, and it also takes one basic mechanic for you to understand to make this boss fight pleasant. Periodically, the boss will place a Resonating Orb on the ground, which will be used later on the stun the boss once he enrages with Titanic Empowerment; rinse and repeat. What I like about this dungeon fight is that it is simple yet punishing if you don’t stun the boss on its exact cast, making it a coordinated fight where primarily the tank has the leading role. Finally, having a short DPS window with increased damage taken can be quite tricky. I’m not a big fan of it, but we’ll see how it goes.


This is by far the hardest fight in this dungeon, and it will require a lot of teamwork to pass this boss. The boss will “phase” at first on 70% HP and it will spawn a Purging Flames beam that splits the room in two and moves clockwise. That beam doesn’t one-shot but it ticks half of your HP if you decide to cross it; unless you have an immunity you are in danger. On top of this, you will have 4 Vault Keepers to kill to end the phase and While you are doing so, every 3s you will get hit by Fire Wave which then will be hard to heal since they split you within the room, hence why team-play will play a vital role here. This phase repeats once more when the boss drops to roughly around 40% health. I like this boss fight, and my main concern, even in the Heroic version, is that the fight lasts almost twice as long as any boss fight currently, meaning that on Tyrannical this might be one of the longest boss fights to be a part of.

Chrono-Lord Deois

At last, the final boss of the dungeon, honestly, is quite a disappointing boss fight, with nothing major going on outside of periodic unavoidable damage. This is a patchwerk boss, with an exception of occasionally sidestepping Eternity Orb which has a long reaction time either way. One way to speed up the fight is to get into a Temporal Zone which increases your haste by 50%. I found out that stacking together on this boss fight is the best way to cope with it as it reduces the areas affected by Eternity Zone, which you should avoid staying in!. Overall, I would like to see some changes to the boss, possibly adding a phase to it to increase the difficulty.

Final Thoughts and Analysis

Honestly, I am quite impressed by the first iteration of the dungeon, knowing it is one of the oldest dungeons to ever exist in the game since the creation of the original “Vanilla” World of Warcraft. The design of it is what matters and I like it. The fact that it has a mix between tiny corridors and a vast area will help control the tempo of the dungeon, too. Historically, narrow dungeons have always been a pain, especially if you add affixes like Sanguine, Storming or Volcanic. They will make it tough but not impossible to play around.

Each boss fight provides something unique and honestly, the spell animation and engagement so far have been spot on. Non-boss-enemies, finally, are easy enough to enable mass gathering and AoE. There are a few stationary mobs that do NOT move even if you line of sight of them, which will be a pain to play around, and is something that will probably get reworked in the future. One last thing that I disagree with is that there are mobs that have interrupt spells that can “RNG” spell lock you and therefore force a wipe on the whole group; not so nice, but that’s something we hope to see changed in the coming Alpha Builds. With all that being said, thank you for reading, and know that there is a lot more content to come. If you want more data on the dungeon I also have a detailed logged run that I can publicly share in the comments if there is an interest. Until next time!