A new Dragonflight Beta went live earlier today with various class changes and available for testing are dungeon trinkets and crafting orders.


Hello adventurers! Here are this week’s changes in Dragonflight Beta!




Brutal Slash now replaces Swipe in bear form as well. Brutal Slash does not cost energy or generate combo points while in Bear Form.


The Guardian druid tree has undergone changes to its node connections and talent positions.

Scintillating Moonlight, Twin Moonfire & Galactic Guardian are now after the 20 point gate.

Survival of the Fittest, After the Wildfire/Guardian of Elune choice node & Soul of the Forest are now after the 8 point gate.

Dream of Cenarius has been split out of it’s choice node with Ursoc’s Fury.

Maul – Damage has been increased by 40%

Mangle – Damage has been increased by 15%

Twin Moonfire – Damage bonus to Moonfire has been reduced to 10% (was 20%) in addition to its existing effects.

Guardian of Elune – Mangle now increases the duration of your next Ironfur by 3 sec (was 2 seconds) in addition to its existing effects.

After the Wildfire – Healing from this ability has been increased by 50%.


Tail Swipe radius increased to 8 yards (was 6 yards).

Time Stop (PvP talent) is no longer on the global cooldown.

Deep Breath deals 40% increased damage in PvP combat.


Pyre damage increased by 30%.

Volatility’s chance increased to 15% at rank 1, 30% at rank 2.

Eye of Infinity now generates 1 Essence when Eternity Surge critically strikes (was granting Essence Burst).



Deadly Duo has been redesigned – While Spearhead is active, Mongoose Bite increases the damage of your next Kill Command by 40% and the reset chance of your next Kill Command by 25%, stacking up to 3 times. Kill Command cooldown resets extend the duration of Spearhead by 1.5 seconds.



Unison – Now additionally functions with Jade Serpent Statue’s Soothing Mist.

Resolved an issue that cause Misty Peaks Enveloping Mists to not be extended properly by Rising Mist.



Light of the Martyr – Now costs 9% of base mana (was 7%).

Barrier of Faith – Now costs 16% of base mana (was 9.5%).

Tyr’s Deliverance – Now costs 12% of base mana (was 0%).

Crusader Strike – Now costs 10% of base mana (was 11%).

Holy Light – Now costs 16% of base mana (was 15%).


Power Infusion can now only be cast on players.


Light’s Wrath now has 5% damage variance.


Insanity should always display now as Shadow whether in Shadowform, Voidform, or not in any form.

Mind Sear now requires Shadowform for it to be cast.


Dark Pact is no longer increased by 20% in PvP combat.



Shattering Throw – Now correctly removes immunities.


Made some under the hood changes to try and unsure Fatal Mark cannot be parried.

Executioner’s Precision – Execute increases the damage of your next Mortal Strike by 30%, up from 25%.

Hurricane – Updated Icon and Hurricane now causes you to go into an unstoppable Bladestorm.

Whirlwind – No longer shows an incorrect Range on the tooltip.


Reckless Abandon – Fixed an issue that caused an error when using Annihilator in combination with Reckless Abandon.

Berserker’s Torment – Avatar and Recklessness now last 6 seconds.

Onslaught – Now generates 30 Rage (was 20).

Onslaught – Now correctly modifies the tooltip to mention enrage if you have Tenderize talented.

Tenderize – Now also causes Onslaught to grant you 3 stacks of Slaughtering Strikes.

Enraged Regeneration – Now appears on the personal resource bar.

Titanic Rage – Now causes Odyn’s Fury to Enrage you, deal 10% increased damage and grants you 2-4 stacks of Whirlwind.

Dancing Blades – Multiple instances of Dancing Blades now partially overlap.


Execute – Fixed an issue causing Execute to sometimes incur a cooldown if you had Improved Execute talented on a different spec.

Fueled by Violence – Should again trigger correctly.

Whirlwind – No longer shows an incorrect range on the tooltip.


Dungeon trinkets are now available to test. You can pick them up from Trinketaur in Orgrimmar. He’ll be making his way to Stormwind over the next day or two.


Crafting Orders have been enabled on the Valdrakken Realm. Players can submit Crafting Orders via the Clerk Galesong NPC in both Stormwind & Orgrimmar. For Crafters that would like to fulfill Crafting Orders, players can open their Professions UI and navigate to the Crafting Orders tab to view and fulfill orders while they are near the Profession Vendor NPCs in the Trade District & the Valley of Strength.