Turbulent Timeways are back in Patch 10.1.7! The event consists of 5 weeks of Timewalking. The weekly quest offers Heroic Aberrus loot and you can even earn a mount this time around!

Turbulent Timeways Schedule

According to the in-game calendar on the 10.1.7 PTR, the event will start on September 26 and end on October 30.

Turbulent Timeways Rewards

The weekly quest will offer 1 piece of Heroic Aberrus loot.

You can earn the Sandy Shalewing mount from Master of the Troubled Timeways.

Turbulent Timeways Meta-Achievement

A new meta-achievement for the Timewalking event has been added called Master of the Troubled Timeways.

“Gain Mastery of Timeways for 5 consecutive weeks during the Turbulent Timeways event.”

Completing consecutive Timewalking dungeons will gain Distilled Knowledge of Timeways, increasing XP gained from killing monsters and completing quests.

When you earn 10 applications, you will receive  Mastery of Timeways, that increases XP gains from monster kills and quest completion by 30%.

For the meta-achievement you must gain Mastery of Timeways for 5 consecutive weeks to get the Sandy Shalewing mount.