Horde/Alliance loyalty is always a touchy subject, especially with the new cross-faction grouping opening up old “put the war back in Warcraft” wounds, but this particular faction change scenario is especially painful – literally.

PlenitudeOpulence posted a tattoo removal video, and while it’s unclear if it’s actually a faction change or just a pure removal, it’s certainly expensive and time-consuming, as it can take up to 5 visits to finish the process.

The post also appeared on r/WoW, where there were plenty of comments on the matter:

That’s why you get the crest of Lordaeron. Rep both factions at the same time.  – toasted_oatsnmore

Why not just get a second tattoo? 1 for each alt. Would’ve been a lot cheaper. – spitfire32
[In response to the above] This is the sole reason an account is limited to 50 characters. – Tyrenstra

Does laser removal leave scars? – LastOfOz
[In response to the above] I AM MY SCARS – iamShorteh

Don’t give blizz any new ideas. – GUEstophson

“People will pay HOW much for a faction change?” – activision blizzard probably – petehehe

So the next time you feel like commenting on how expensive the faction-change service is, remember that some players had to pay hundreds of dollars for theirs!