It’s been a week since WoW’s latest expansion launched so we’re clearly overdue a check in with the community and their creative use of game images! The topics shift from the rocky launch itself to quests and more, so let’s get started, as there’s a lot to cover.

The start of an expansion is pretty much the most hyped up players will get, and some feel Blizzard are very much calling them back, especially with Dragonflight.

A mystery from the very start of Dragonflight seems to have been solved:

And it seems the launch day issues affected more than just players:

Dragonriding is very popular, but it’s not without its problems, from the new ultimate expansion endboss we’ve already covered, to a certain volume issue:

Some players are also not too happy with our drakes’ looks compared to some other Isles denizens:

The following one has been reposted dozens and dozens of times with slightly different versions, so the sentiment is shared by many many players:

And while not exactly a meme, the sentiment is certainly on point:

There’s also plenty of quests that have inspired players, from Kalecgos’ new vibe to my personal favorite TV show reference:

Meanwhile some players are done with their main leveling and are wondering…

The expansion is also receiving plenty of praise when it comes to fewer grindy systems, but some players can always find something to chase…

And then there’s those memes that don’t really need an intro or context:

And this last one isn’t directly Dragonflight-related, but still very recent and on-point: