It’s time for another “I’m insanely jealous of these players’ luck” post! Hallow’s End is back and with it one of the rarer mounts (as it’s only attainable during the event, 15 days out of the year), with players running the dungeon an insane number of times to get it. And then we have probably the second on the “flying horses that you may never get regardless of how long you” farm list, aka Invincible, a decade-long quest for some players. Getting these two mounts at all over the span of a player’s time with WoW is an impressive feat on its own, now we have a player that got the two on the same day!

The drop rates for the mounts are 0.4% for Horseman and 1% for Invincible.

And since all of us without those two mounts are feeling bad right now, here’s a slightly less infuriating piece of extreme luck, as _echnaton managed to get the Tusks of Mannoroth from Garrosh a while ago, which is pretty lucky in itself, but they then proceeded to utterly destroy any subsequent luck they may ever have by actually getting TWO of them in one kill! The drop rate for the Tusks is about 0.3% so this one is definitely a winner…


What’s your most lucky drop in the game so far? Personally I was waiting for one of the Thunderfury bindings for about a decade and then gave up, so that Ashkandi I got after months of BWL clears has to be it for me.