We have a very peaceful player on our hands today, as Xxelc leveled two of their characters (mostly) only using herbalism and mining, and shared what their loot haul was from the second one!

As the Monk and the Mage went from 60 to 70 using “pretty much” only gathering (almost exclusively in the Waking Shores), they got quite a few herbs and ores, and it took around 15-20 hours to level each of them. So let’s take a look at the loot from the second character, which took 15 hours to cap out:

Source: Xxelc.

And here are some details from the journey:

It took between 15 and 20 hours on the first character and probably much closer to 15 hours on the second.

I actually went heavily into the base nodes of Bountiful Harvest and Metallurgy.I think having the highest amount of base skill points in professions are best at the moment.

Edit for more info:
I’m going to edit this to say of all the builds with gathering I’ve done, I’ve started treating professions like profession skill points are your main stat, and every other stat is a side stat. So going into Metallurgy and Bountiful harvest gave me to highest bonus to my flat skill point. I’m not sure if this is optimal or not but i’ve noticed that I get much more T3 mats and in general more with this build than focusing say on finesse or something.

I did get all my knowledge and made sure to get my points sorted.
This is also the haul from my second character’s levels so I learned from my mistakes on the first go round.

It really depends on where you herb/mine :).
For example my Writhebark numbers are skewed because I almost never left Waking Shores.

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