The Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent is one of the more sought after legacy mounts and has always been a tricky one to get, due to many players still camping the spawn. Luckily, Arhqirah has found an easy way to get the boss to yourself and solo it, but you’ll need a lower level character to do it (but with the XP buff up for another few days, you can easily level a character to the required lvl 20). Here’s the video and written explanation:

Hello fellow Mountfarmers! I’ve just released a video with a trick that makes it 1000% easier to camp huolon and obtain the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent mount, it can be done solo & at a relatively low lvl. Anyway i suggest you check it out if you need the mount!

I’d love to make a written guide for this aswell, however you need to stand in very specific spots for this trick to work, so it’s kinda hard to share in a written form, however I’ll summarize:

Have a character with flying between lvl 20-49, activate chromietime for Pandaria, Go to Timeless isle at Huolon’s spawn point. The thing is, in chromietime Huolon is almost always up, the reason for this is, that he is basically a raidboss in chromietime, oneshotting everyone he attacks, this is where my trick comes in. You can pull him and stand in very specific spots to completely nullify his dmg. One of the spots is on top of the ruins just by his spawn. You’ll need to do some parkour to get there. The other is very close to the edge of the mountain close nearby.

Cheers and have a wonderful day!