Renown is returning in Dragonflight. However, it will be account-wide this time around with 30 ranks.

Based on datamined entries, each zone is getting its Renown faction.

Iskaara Tuskarr (Renown)

Dragonscale Expedition (Renown)

Valdrakken Accord (Renown)

Maruuk Centaur (Renown)

New achievements added in Patch 10.0 hint at 30 Renown levels on Dragonflight launch with the cap increasing in future content patches.

Dragonscale Expedition Rank 30 – 10.0 Renown – Dragonscale Expedition – Rank 30

The achievement also says “Progress on this achievement is shared account-wide, so we’re getting account-wide Renown in Dragonflight!