We’re back with some more  Season 4 Mythic+ logs, with a very stable two weeks behind us, as the season settles down into a consistent meta.

Note: The logs are based on POINTS, and not actual damage or healing, meaning they log the timed completion for the specs, with higher keys getting more points, obviously. The time in which the dungeon is completed is also a factor, but a much, much smaller one, as it grants very few points if you do it significantly faster than just any in-time completion. We’re also using the Normalized Aggregate Scores numbers, for clarity, meaning the top spec is marked as 100 and then the rest are ranked in relation to that peak point.

These past 2 weeks were:

TyrannicalRaging, Volcanic
(and Shrouded)

All Keys

95th percentile

As in one of Dark Souls’ endings, the Age of Fire is indeed upon us once again, as the spec has now been on top for a full month and doesn’t show any signs of moving. Survival is moving, however, as it pushes the once ruler of raid logs, Destruction, aside to claim 2nd place. The next 5 spot remain very stable, with the same positions for the specs, as it falls to Elemental to stir things up, with it taking over 9th from Marksmanship. The bottom 3 get a new guest, as Retribution takes Beast Mastery’s place in the top of the bottom.

Mythic+ All Keys 95th Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

Survival is still fending off Fire in the generalist bracket, as total control still eludes the Mage spec… but not for long one would assume. The entire top 10 is exactly the same as in the 2 weeks before, with only Balance throwing off the… well balance, as it takes over 11th from Arcane. The bottom 3 also remain almost exactly the same, with Havoc taking Subtlety’s place.

Mythic+ All Keys All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

High Keys

All the high keys are still very much even, but we can take a peek at the +20 anyway, with the top 3 looking the same as in the all keys generalist bracket.

Mythic+ 20 All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

For even more in-depth data for each individual key head on over to Warcraft Logs. And if you’re interested in more info on the specs themselves you can always check out our class guides or our extensive Mythic+ guides as well, which have tier lists, dungeon rankings and more.