The Sanctum returns and this time Fury does not return with it, as it mostly remains where it was last week. Demonology keeps far ahead of everyone else, while Elemental pushes up, and Fire makes an appearance in Heroic.

An important note before we begin: as the Fated raids are switching out each week, our comparisons to the previous weeks will be a little less relevant, but we’ll still mention it for context – just keep in mind it won’t be a direct comparison from week to week as it was before.


95th Percentile

Demo’s crazy burst from last week is not calming down, as it is still extremely ahead of all other specs, regardless of the raid in question. The Sanctum did see plenty of changes, however, starting with No.2 where Elemental took over, moving 2 spots up and pushing Frost DK and Destruction one down. Fury Warrior did not do as well in the Sanctum as the last time we saw it, as it only rose into 5th, followed by Windwalker and Survival, with the Monk gaining 3 spots and Hunter staying in place compared to last week. Unholy drops 3 spots into 8th, and Retribution is back in the top 10 and doing better than in Nathria, as Fire closes out the top specs. Havoc manages to climb out of the gutter at least a little, but Assassination and Feral remain doomed to the bottom, with Affliction coming back to join them.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

The top 3 looks the same in the generalist bracket as it does in the top, with Survival having to drop out of 2nd and down into 5th, while Fury holds on to No.4 in its favorite raid of the expansion. Windwalker sees a big resurgence in 6th as it rises 5 spots from Nathria, followed by Unholy which dropped 2 since last week. Paladins are back up, same as in the top percentiles, claiming 8th and rising 2, while Outlaw and Destruction close out the top 10.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Heroic didn’t quite change as much as the rest, but we do have a big shift in No.4, as Fire comes up 3 spots and pushes Shadow, which in turn pushes Unholy down 1 as well. The rest of the top 10 almost remains the same as last week, with Beast Mastery and Retribution at 8 and 9, but while the color of No.10 remains the same, there’s a different Warrior spec there with Arms replacing Fury as it falls 4 spots from last week. Subtlety moves significantly out of the bottom, as Feral joins Affliction and Assassination down there.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


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