Here’s a very impressive one, as TheEdenChild and a friend put together a huge GeoGuessr for WoW, featuring a crazy amount of locations. But that wasn’t quite enough for them as they also put in actual leaderboards and multiplayer, on top of the fully 360 degree panoramas and movement-enabled locations, all based off of around 3,000,000 in-game images!

You can play the standard “where is this random location on Azeroth” or just use it as a google street view thing and move around, as well as pretty much pick your own difficulty by selecting specific zones or the full map. Head on over to the game directly here or check out some gameplay below.

And here are some comments from the creator:

My friend and I made a fully featured World of Warcraft geoguessr – complete with 360 degree panoramas, movement, leaderboards, and multiplayer. We had made a Fortnite geoguessr a while back, and although this was well received, our goal always was to bring the Worlds of Warcraft to the browser. A much harder task considering the scale and scope of WoW. We had to make a bunch of tools to be able to achieve this, as World of Warcraft alone took us roughly 3,000,000 images to do (and will likely need another 1,000,000 for Dragonflight once it releases). We also decided to use our tools to bring other games, such as GTA V to our geoguessr, and plan on adding more in the future.

If you’re ever bored, and would like to test your WoW map knowledge – or would just like to explore the world in your browser akin to Google StreetView, you can check us out at