The Sepulcher has returned and reverted the standings to a more familiar, pre-Season 4 state, as Fury no longer has the Sanctum mechanics (and Painsmith) to fall back on. Retribution is still the talk of the town, as it has solidified itself in the top 10 (and even higher) in all three raids!

An important note before we begin: as the Fated raids are switching out each week, our comparisons to the previous weeks will be a little less relevant, but we’ll still mention it for context – just keep in mind it won’t be a direct comparison from week to week as it was before.


95th Percentile

Demonology reigns supreme across all three fated raids, but as we return to the Sepulcher we see Frost DKs return to the top, sitting in a Warlock sandwich, with Destruction also rising into the top 3. Survival is partial to the Jailer and his direct minions as well, rising 2 from the Sanctum, while Unholy DKs don’t seem to much care about which raid it is, sitting in 5th regardless. Retribution shows another push upward as it leaps 4 into 6th, with a significantly sadder Fury and Windwalker having to step down from their top 3 spots last week to stand behind the Paladin spec. Elemental and Marksmanship complete the top 10, with the Shaman coming down and the Hunter going up from last week. Affliction is back to the bottom, as is standard in the Sepulcher rotation, with Feral and Enhancement joining it.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

Frost DK rises in the generalist bracket as well, as Survival does even better here, and Unholy also holds on to its 4th spot from last week, even higher than in the top percentiles – keeping Destruction at bay. Fury manages to keep ahead of Retribution, but just barely, as the Paladins only rise 2 here. Interestingly, the bottom 2 remain the same as in the Sanctum, with Feral and Frost being doomed to the end of the list.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Survival makes a big comeback in Heroic, taking 2nd after its 7th spot last week, pushing Outlaw down into 3rd. Arms remains strong despite the raid change, even moving past Shadow this week, as Fire drops off the face of the earth. We then have a DK-Paladin-DK sandwich, followed by Enhancement, which is still doing pretty well in Heroic, very much the opposite to how its doing in Mythic.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


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