Rextroy one-shots raid boss Rygelon for 30 million damage in his latest video.

The combo discovered by Sandalf is built around the interaction between Burst of Cold (Frost Mage PvP Talent) and Spellsteal. Simply put, it was possible to spellsteal Burst of Cold and the buff stacked separately, resulting in multiple +600% damage-increasing buffs to Cone of Cold. Already at 5 stacks, the damage of your Cone of Cold is larger than a raid boss’ health.

While the buff only lasts for 6 seconds, Rextroy found out it persisted through instances and raids. Paired withIcy Veins and Time Warp, Rextroy temporarily reached the global cooldown cap of 100% Haste and obtained 5 stacks of Burst of Cold within 3 seconds by spellstealing other Mages, leaving him with 3 spare seconds to beat the loading bar, reach the boss and cast Cone of Cold.

He then macroed Shimmer with Cone of Cold and after multiple attempts one-shot Rygelon.

The Jailer won’t go below 8% in one go, so the one-shot won’t work on the final boss of the Shadowlands.

It’s important to note that Rextroy reported the groundbreaking bug directly to Blizzard and it’s been fixed.