Rextroy returns with another glorious combo. This time, he stacked buffs of Fungal Bloom for a 5,000% DPS buff and soloed Lihuvim.

While the latest creation isn’t exactly a one-shot, Rextroy utilizes the Fungal Bloom buff from Drustvar NPCs that Mages could spellsteal. Fungal Bloom buffs stacked separately and worked inside raids since Battle for Azeroth. Obviously, the bug’s been reported before this video was uploaded.

Background Information

This combo is built around spellsteal, and the buff Fungal Bloom. It is a buff that certain NPCs in Drustvar uses, that increases damage by 25%!

If you spellsteal this, it will stack separately, and it thankfully has a duration of 25 seconds… Even better, it works inside raids!

We stack up a bunch of these NPCs, and use a Demon Hunter AOE CC (Sigil of Misery) to make them cast the buff at the same time.

To be able to spellsteal this many buffs, I have to be arcane. Since they get a discount on their spellsteal. But without Icy Veins, I need to get another source of haste, to reach GCD cap. So for this, we use a priest Power Infusion spell.

We also took use of Arcane Empowerment (which remains when you zone into raids!) aswell as the Siphon Storm legendary to boost our damage.

Two things that didn’t work out, was spellstealing a combustion from another mage, as well as the Precious Bloodthorn Loop (stealth ring).

The bloodthorn loop ended up scaling with my damage boost… so it one shot me over and over. This was even the case through immunities! And without bloodthorn, I was unable to exit PvP combat (which spellsteal forced me into). Even when using invisibility…

So ultimately, I fixed some targeting issues, and went for even more stacks than I originally intended (about 18) This leads to a 1.25^18 = 55.5… A bit more than 5 000% dmg boost!

Of course… this was reported and already fixed (since it is so gamebreaking)

It is quite funny that this is an old bug from BFA that was still undiscovered! That expansion sure has lots of mysteries…

The whole raid boss solo combo can be found below.