In a continuation of Silverdragongate, as no one has ever called it, it seems there’s a bit more to the removal of the rare mob frame than we knew so far. As spotted by luckfore, the rare mob frames were actually updated on the beta, only to be removed some builds later, when the new, smaller icon solution for rares was added.

While there’s plenty of discussion around why these changes even happened, with potential confusion newer players might have about the wingless/winged and silver/gold distinctions, all we really know is based on Blizzard’s original post on the removal from September 21st:

Silver Dragon (Source)

Main Target Unit Frame (pending Minor Enemies)

Developers’ note: We have moved away from the silver dragon border for rare mobs and instead will rely on using an icon. The icon will be placed on the unit frame border and display on the map to better relate these two elements together.

While there may be other concerns surrounding the silver frame on Blizzard’s side, a large/vocal part of the community wants the frames returned (as we covered earlier), with many mentioning the new solution actually being harder to notice, along many other reasons to keep the silver version.

Grayvves put together this overview of all the different versions, where you can actually see even the new removed versions were simplified a little (that poor tail!)