We’ve seen the old “dead game” meme pop up a lot in these past few months, and while it’s pretty standard for player counts to drop before an expansion and climb back up during a pre-patch, the Primal Storm events are proving to be even more popular than usual! Many players are sharing their surprise at just how many players are around, and it’s looking pretty great. It’s not that surprising so many players would show up for these as they’re a great source for catch-up gear as well as leveling XP, not to mention the giant mass of Dracthyr that has arrived on our shores looking for something to do.

dead game pic.twitter.com/lnOvUo9oCM

— MrGM (@MrGMYT) November 16, 2022

It’s really is great to see so many players at once and it really showcases the power of (worth-while) in-game events, so hopefully we’ll see more like this in the future.